From Tales To Spells - 2015



Like an alchimist concocting his potion, these four sound makers prepare an elixir to listen without moderation. At the crossroad of genres, a music without comparison, that could be called wheel fusion or slide electro-gurdy.

Yet more much than a musical brew, it’s a journey between places, times, reality and fantasy that cannot leave you unscathed.

Founded in 2010 by the hurdy-gurdy player Guilhem Desq, the french band Arcane Alchemists released its first album Alchemy in May 2012, then a video-clip Labyrinth in January 2013.

In October 2015, the band launched its sophomore album From Tales To Spells, followed by a video-clip from the album, Transmutation.

The four musicians released a live video of the praised song Omen in February 2017.

Alchemy - 2012

Arcane Alchemists - Guilhem Desq


Electric hurdy-gurdy
Arcane Alchemists - Pierre Toyes


Arcane Alchemists - Renaud Perrot


Trombone / Keyboard


Superb experimental fusion with a sublime sense of melody.
This young quartet from Toulouse delivers a super-sophisticated avant-fusion, with a trombone and an electric hurdy-gurdy as the principal solo instruments (no guitar). It’s a combination like no other but it works a treat and certainly sets this band apart in the crowded instrumental prog field. Start off with the crunchily-wacky Transmutation.
I bet they are a blast live?

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Andy Read

Chances are you haven’t yet heard of the French band Arcane Alchemists but once you hear their sound, you’ll have to agree they’re one of the most interesting progressive bands around. This wonderful band sounds like none other out there with their use of hurdy-gurdy, trombone and highly sophisticated progressive fusion of the highest order. You’ll get a world tour here with middle eastern music, fusion and even reggae…

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Jeff Stevens